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    00: Solving the problem of rare: automated microfluidics for accurate variant detection by PCR-free WGS of very small human samples
    In collaboration with UCSF and Miroculus @ AGBT 2021
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    01a: IONIC® Purification System
    REV 3.0 The next-gen sample prep system for pure DNA and RNA extraction.
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    01b: IONIC® FFPE Complete Purification
    Simultaneous Extraction and Purification of RNA and DNA from FFPE Samples
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    02a: Macrodissection of FFPE Tissue for Nucleic Acid Purification
    Macrodissection of FFPE tissue prior to nucleic acid purification allows the operator to select tissue of interest (typically tumor tissue) and minimize background tissue. This in turn can enrich the extracted nucleic acid for variants of interest. The Ionic Purification System from Purigen Biosystems is an excellent choice for macrodissected tissue. It offers a simple, automated work-flow and typically generates yields that are 2-4x higher than other methods, maximizing the amount of nucleic acids extracted from macrodissected tissue.
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    02b: Isotachophoresis Improves Nucleic Acid Extraction and Purification from FFPE Samples
    With a simplified workflow and separation based solely on the electrophoretic mobility of the molecules in a sample, Purigen’s Ionic Purification System offers an alternative for FFPE sample purification for NGS that has less risk of further damage to nucleic acids or bias toward specific fragment length or GC content.
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    02c: Increased DNA Yield and Reduced PCR Duplicates Using the Ionic System
    FFPE tissue samples are known to produce low yields of nucleic acid that is often of a lower quality by comparison to nucleic acid from fresh frozen tissue, particularly samples that have been stored for several years or longer. When FFPE tissue is limited, conventional extraction and purification technologies may not produce enough high quality DNA to meet the recommended library preparation input requirements for next-generation sequencing (NGS).
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    03a: Extract and Purify Higher Yields of Higher Quality Nucleic Acid from Limited Input Using Isotachophoresis
    Extract higher yields of nucleic acid from a single FFPE tissue section or as few as 10 cells.
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    03b: Simultaneous, High-yield Extraction of DNA and RNA from FFPE Tissue
    Simultaneous extraction and purification of both RNA and DNA from FFPE tissue samples is critical to enable multiple downstream analyses from rare or limited samples. To avoid yield loss, most technologies use a serial isolation approach where DNA and RNA are separated after lysis by filtration or precipitation before entering separate purification workflows. This results in twice the number of purification steps per sample.
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    03c: Using Isotachophoresis as a Novel Method to Improve the Yield and Quality of Nucleic Acid Purification from FFPE Samples
    Improve the Yield and Quality of Nucleic Acid Purification from FFPE Samples - presented @ ABRF 2020