Purigen Biosystems, Inc.

Higher Quality from Low Input Samples

Automated extraction and purification of 10 to 100,000 cells


Get More from Low Cell Counts

The Ionic system purifies samples without binding and stripping from beads or columns to produce more, higher quality nucleic acid.

  • Optimized for Low Input – Purify samples containing as few as 10 cells
  • Improve Quality – Obtain more amplifiable DNA from low inputs
  • Improve Reliability – Linear increase in yield as cell count increases

Ionic® Purification System for Cells

The Ionic Purification System from Purigen Biosystems uses isotachophoresis (ITP) to extract, purify, and concentrate genomic DNA from cells and and FFPE. Since nucleic acids remain in their native form, not denatured or dehydrated, the Ionic system is ideal for challenging samples with limited starting material or low-quality material.

Higher Confidence in Low Input Samples

Consistent Performance from 10 to 100,000 Cells


Cells from three cell lines were cultured, counted, and aliquoted into samples of 10 µL of media containing increasing quantities from 10 to 100,000 cells. Samples were lysed in a volume of 215 µL. 180 µL of lysate from each sample was extracted and purified by the Ionic system. The resulting extracts were assayed using the Qiagen Multicopy Reference Assay and the Roche KAPA SYBR FAST master mix. The average of the yield of 24 replicates per quantity is plotted against the quantity of cells purified. The data shows a linear increase in yield as cell count increases.


Increased Amplifiable Yield



12 replicate samples from decreasing quantities of cells were divided into 6 pairs for each quantity measured. Pairs were then split and purified by either the Ionic system or an automated column-based purification kit. The concentration of amplifiable DNA present in each sample was then determined by qPCR amplification of 280 base-pair amplicon. Results indicate an 8–10x increase in amplifiable DNA from samples purified using the Ionic system.




Purigen Isotachophoresis Technology

Isotachophoresis separates and concentrates charged molecules in solution solely based on their electrophoretic mobility. Biological samples are gently lysed and added to the Purigen Ionic® Fluidic Chip which applies an electric field to isolate nucleic acid in its natural, native form.