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  • DEC 13, 2019
    SOURCE: Science Online
    ARTICLE: New Product: Nucleic Acid Purification System
  • NOV 11, 2019
    SOURCE: Medical Laboratory Observer (MLO)
    ARTICLE: Improving nucleic acids purification from clinical genomic samples
  • NOV 11, 2019
    SOURCE: LabPulse
    ARTICLE: AMP highlights: Products aim to beat the clock in cancer detection
  • NOV 07, 2019
    SOURCE: LabPulse
    ARTICLE: AMP roundup: Vendors showcase same-day NGS, faster prep, DNA/RNA combos
  • NOV 06, 2019
    SOURCE: Purigen Biosystems
    PRESS: Purigen Debuts New Advanced Technology System to Simplify and Improve the Purification of Nucleic Acids from Precious Clinical Genomic Samples
    New Ionic™ Purification System produces higher yields of pure, ready-to-sequence nucleic acids in one hour with less than three minutes of hands-on time per sample