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Tell us how you would use our Ionic system to maximize DNA, RNA, and miRNA recovery from FFPE samples.


Purigen FFPE Grant Challenge 2021

We are excited to announce an exclusive grant program with an open invitation for all researchers with a project that relies on high quality, high yield extraction of DNA, RNA, or miRNA from FFPE samples. To apply, submit a brief abstract using the form below describing your project and how you would incorporate our Ionic Purification System and Kits in your research.

ONE – 1st place winner will receive a 2-month loan of an Ionic Purification System and 2 free Ionic Purification Kits of choice

TWO – runner-up winners will receive 24 samples processed at no charge

Winning Criteria

Abstracts will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Scientific benefit – how much could the proposed project benefit the scientific community, i.e. could the study support new scientific understandings?
  • Project fit for the Ionic systemi.e. challenging/low level samples, enables faster turn-around time vs. current processes or simultaneous extraction of high quality mRNA and miRNA.
  • FFPE sample readinessi.e. are samples ready to go or do they need to be collected.

For questions or requests, please contact us at info@purigenbio.com.