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Purigen Biosystems, Inc.

Early Access Program – Ionic® Pure Viral RNA

Automated Extraction of Pure High-quality Viral RNA

Overcome the challenges of insufficient viral RNA yields for detection


Ionic® Pure Viral RNA

Early Access Program

Clinical laboratories are increasingly challenged to rapidly develop new assays for aggressive, drug-resistant viruses. Such assays often require sufficient yields of high-quality RNA to reach target thresholds for detection. Because of this, development timelines can stretch significantly when purification processes rely on inefficient technologies. Purigen’s Early Access Program for the Ionic Pure Viral RNA Kit is designed to overcome these challenges with a simple, automated, charge-based workflow. The same viral RNA extraction and purification workflow was used by the finalist team of scientists from Purigen and the Stanford Microfluidics Laboratory for the XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing competition.

Results from the XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing Competition


FIGURE: This graph shows the performance results of viral RNA extraction using the Ionic system for 3 sample matrices containing particle-encapsulated RNA (provided by the XPRIZE committee). RNA extraction was performed by the Purigen team and the downstream assay analysis was done at the Stanford Microfluidic Lab using LAMP + CRISPR to detect SARS-CoV2.


RNA Lysis and Extraction Protocols