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Purigen Biosystems, Inc.

  • How Purigen's isotachophoresis is

    Solving the Challenges of Sample Preparation

    CSO, Klint Rose describes the evolution of the isotachophoresis technology which is revolutionizing automated DNA and RNA extraction for cancer research.

  • No beads, no columns, no surface-binding

    Simple, Automated, Charge-based DNA and RNA Extraction

    Isotachophoresis separates and concentrates charged molecules in solution solely based on their electrophoretic mobility for pure DNA and RNA extraction.

  • Transforming Cancer Genomics with

    Purigen's Next-Gen Sample Preparation

    CEO, Barney Saunders recounts the beginnings of Purigen and highlights how the Ionic® Purification System is transforming DNA and RNA extraction from FFPE samples.

Pure, Native, High Quality DNA and RNA
Biological samples are gently lysed without the use of chaotropic salts. Nucleic acids are not denatured or dehydrated.
Higher Amplifiable Yields
Extract up to 50% more DNA from cultured cells and 3.5x more DNA and 2x more RNA from FFPE samples versus traditional column-based methods.
No Beads, Columns, or Surface-binding
Nucleic acids are purified solely based on electrophoretic mobility. Elimination of binding, washing, and stripping reduces sample loss and contamination.
No Risk Downstream
Purification is not biased toward nucleic acids of a certain length or GC content.
Superior Workflow for FFPE
Purification of nucleic acids from FFPE scrolls or slides requires less than 3 minutes of hands-on time per sample (lysis included). No chemical deparaffinization is required.
Automated Nucleic Acid Purification
Nucleic acids are automatically separated and concentrated from sample lysate on the Purigen system in 60 minutes.

See the Ionic Purification System in Action

The application of ITP to purify and quantify nucleic acids from complex biological samples was pioneered by Purigen co-founder and Stanford University Professor, Juan G. Santiago. The Ionic Purification System is compatible with a range of samples including cells and FFPE to help researchers, scientists, pathologists, and oncologists find the best method for DNA and RNA extraction.

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Purigen's FFPE to Pure DNA and RNA Automated Workflow

Total hands-on time is ~24 minutes per 8 samples

Purigen FFPE Workflow