A new paradigm in sample preparation technology

Isotachophoresis (ITP) Basics:

Purigen’s ITP-based purification technology uses specially designed buffers and the inherent properties of nucleic acids to provide an extraordinary yield of intact, high quality DNA and/or RNA from inputs of millions of cells (micrograms) down to a single cell (picograms). In addition, the ITP process imparts minimal shear on the nucleic acids, thereby minimizing undesirable fragmentation.

Buffer properties:
  • ITP requires two specialized buffers which contain a leading electrolye (LE) with high mobility ions, and a trailing electrolyte (TE) with low mobility ions.
  • Purigen’s specially formulated lysis and digestion buffers are designed to be directly compatible with ITP.
Nucleic acid properties:
  • In the absence of sieving matrices, ITP causes the highly charged nucleic acids to migrate to the interface between the leading and trailing electrolytes; this fundamental focusing effect is unbiased toward either nucleic acids length or sequence.
  • ITP-driven focusing of nucleic acids increases their concentration by up to 10,000 fold; this concentration effect enables up to 100x more sensitive, inline quantitation.