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Purigen’s automated DNA/RNA extraction, quantitation, and enrichment platform rapidly processes multiple samples simultaneously and provides inline quantitation at 100x greater sensitivity than existing nucleic acid quantitation systems. The system will deliver qPCR, microarray, or NGS prep-ready DNA or RNA in 15-60 minutes (depending on sample type and volume) using disposable plastic chips. Key applications kits will include preparation of DNA and/or RNA from cells, FFPE and fresh tissues, whole blood or plasma, buccal swabs or other sources.

Purigen’s system is not yet commercially available, but we have opened an early access program. If you are interested in participating, please contact:


Purigen’s system is unique in that the nucleic acids are never bound to a solid surface or separated by affinity to a liquid phase. Instead, they are concentrated by their unique mobility in an electric field. The method, isotachophoresis (ITP), uses proprietary lysis solutions to liberate the nucleic acids and ensure that impurities, such as hemoglobin from blood, are left behind. The ITP process imparts minimal shear and undesirable fragmentation of nucleic acids. The result is an extraordinary yield of intact, high quality DNA and/or RNA from inputs of millions of cells down to a single cell.
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Isotachophoresis Publications

Purigen co-founder and Stanford Professor Juan Santiago pioneered the underlying isotachophoresis (ITP) technology used in Purigen’s sample preparation platform. Professor Santiago’s Stanford Microfluidics Laboratory has published over 30 peer-reviewed publications on ITP and its application to nucleic acid preparation. Click the READ MORE button for an abbreviated list of relevant publications.For more information, please see: Stanford Microfluidics Laboratory publications