Purigen’s benchtop device is a platform system designed to accommodate multiple sample types, as well as new and expanded applications simply through a change in kit (each kit consists of fluidic chips and reagents). We offer a menu of consumable kits that enable purification and quantitation of nucleic acid from a wide variety of samples including blood, plasma, fresh or FFPE tissues, buccal swabs, and cultured or sorted cells. We are continuously developing kits for new and expanded capabilities, including applications for enrichment and inline quality control measurements.

The system uniquely enables several applications, including significantly increased yields of amplifiable material from FFPE and extraction of longer gDNA as highlighted below.

Data 1

High yields of amplifiable DNA from FFPE sections

Purigen’s ITP technology very efficiently extracts amplifiable DNA from FFPE sections, showing consistently higher yields versus competitor kits independent of tissue type, age or starting amount.

Data 2

Extraction of long DNA

Purigen’s ITP-based extraction imparts a minimal amount of shear on DNA as it migrates through the microfluidic chip. This enables us to consistently deliver material with lengths significantly greater than obtained using standard column or bead-based genomic DNA extraction kits.